UCLA has developed a three-year timeline (academic years 2010-11/2011-12/2012-13) for working with departments and interdepartmental programs that award baccalaureate degrees to develop learning outcomes. Placement within the timeline was based on the projected date of the next Academic Senate review.

The Undergraduate Council (and Graduate Council) also began implementing new guidelines for the eight-year review process over that same three year-period, beginning with departments scheduled to write their self-reviews in 2010. Through academic year 2012, departments and interdepartmental programs writing their self review reports were asked only to articulate their learning outcomes for undergraduate programs. Beginning in 2013, expectation to develop and report on a plan for assessing learning outcomes was also incorporated. Beginning in 2015, departments must describe (within the self study report) their assessment plan and report pilot findings for one or two learning outcomes. Beginning in 2017, self study reporting must include findings related to three or more learning outcomes. As articulated in the current (2014-15) Program Review guidelines, programs undergoing review are also expected to describe within their self study reports any changes the faculty have implemented in their major degree program(s) as a result of their evaluation efforts.

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