To see the learning outcomes for UCLA's baccalaureate degree programs in the Humanities, please check by department or interdepartmental program (IDP):

Art History
Art History B.A.

Asian Languages and Cultures
Asian Humanities B.A.
Asian Religions B.A.
Chinese B.A.
Japanese B.A.
Korean B.A.

Classical Civilization B.A.
Greek B.A.
Greek and Latin B.A.
Latin B.A.

Comparative Literature
Comparative Literature B.A.

American Literature and Culture B.A.
English B.A.

French and Francophone Studies
French B.A.
French and Linguistics B.A.

Germanic Languages
German B.A.
Scandinavian Languages and Cultures B.A.

Italian B.A.
Italian and Special Fields B.A.

Applied Linguistics B.A.
Linguistics B.A.
Linguistics and Anthropology B.A.
Linguistics and Asian Languages and Cultures B.A.
Linguistics and Computer Science B.A.
Linguistics and English B.A.
Linguistics and French B.A.
Linguistics and Italian B.A.
Linguistics and Philosophy B.A.
Linguistics and Psychology B.A.
Linguistics and Scandinavian Languages B.A.
Linguistics and Spanish B.A.

Music History B.A.

Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
Ancient Near East & Egyptology B.A.
Arabic B.A.
Iranian Studies B.A.
Jewish Studies B.A.
Middle Eastern Studies B.A.

Philosophy B.A.

Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Languages and Cultures
Central and East European Languages and Cultures B.A.
Russian Language and Literature B.A.
Russian Studies B.A.

Spanish and Portuguese
Portuguese B.A.
Spanish B.A.
Spanish and Community and Culture B.A.
Spanish and Linguistics B.A.
Spanish and Portuguese B.A.

Study of Religion IDP
Study of Religion B.A.